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Quinta do Colmeal
3 Km left, Estrada Vila Viçosa – São Romão
(Please add Apartado 227 if sent by mail)
7167 Vila Viçosa

If you speak Portuguese, you can also contact our local caretaker João Jorge (phone + 351 919 569 751, he is learning English, but he is only a beginner).

Grotere kaart weergeven


To get to the Quinta, there are various options:

1. Use your own car.
2. Fly to Lisbon, Faro, Madrid, Seville or Badajoz and hire a car.
3. Fly to Lisbon, Madrid or Seville and go on the coach to Vila Viçosa.

For the greater part there are excellent motorways connecting Lisbon, Faro, Madrid, Seville and Badajoz with Vila Viçosa except for the final 11 kms. For a detailed route description please use Google Maps.

If you arrive in Lisbon and decide to travel by coach, there is a fast shuttle service to Vila Viçosa or nearby Borba ( 2 hrs). A taxi will take you to the Quinta for the last stage of your journey. Taxis in Portugal are always available and inexpensive.

Guests arriving in Madrid or Seville and wishing to go on the coach to Vila Viçosa, can do so, but have to change coach at Badajoz for Borba. Next take a taxi.

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