At a short distance (3 kms) is Vila Viçosa, generally known for its rich history as a royal countryseat. The former Portuguese king João IV (1604-1656), the 1st king from the Braganza dynasty (from 1640 to 1910) had a hunting palace there. His daughter Catherine, the later Queen of England, was born there in Vila Viçosa. Also future sovereigns resided there. The palace is open to the public.

The Colmeal Estate itself can also boast a rich history. Originally an ancient Roman hermitage with water wells, the earliest municipal records of the Quinta, located in the vicinity of Vila Viçosa, go back to 1624. At the time the Quinta was locally known as Quinta do General. Dom João Ataíde, count of Alva, governor of the Alentejo (1721-1724) and a general in the army of King João, uses this walled estate to provide his troops with beans and olives, He also cultivates oranges and water melons.

In 1999 Dick and Elisabeth Bleyerveld bought the Quinta.
The estate was in a pretty bad state and therefore, it underwent a thorough renovation as a result of which its original shapes and atmosphere were re-instated without losing sight of modern conveniences. The result is an original rural Quinta reflecting its authentic role. Serving as an example of this authenticity a small flock of sheep tended by the local shepherd grazes the Quinta early in the morning.

At the end of the private access road and surrounded by olive , fig, almond and orange trees and by the fragrance of herbs pervading the air, it is easy to imagine oneself back in time in this pleasantly undulating scenery.

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