Back to paradise


The Dutch owners Dick and Elisabeth spent many years of their working lives in remote countries: Asia, Africa and various European countries.

"Fifteen years ago we moved to Portugal ( I am a civil engineer). It was there that we fell in love with this country. I wanted to make this love permanent by developing a private, second
residence in a beautiful spot with historical roots. This dream has come true in the Quinta do Colmeal. Now that I am nearing the end of my career, I intend to make the separate and comfortable guesthouses available to the public to enjoy the benefits and beauty the earth has bestowed on us. This place unites these elements perfectly.
In the past 10 years these guesthouses were used to accommodate business relations and friends from all over the world."

"I am very thrilled with the Quinta, with its special history dating back to the Romans. And equally so with the environment bearing many traces of Celtic, Visigot and Moorish influences.
Also its rich history of the Braganza sovereigns who took up residence in the immediate vicinity. For me as an archeologist it is the ideal ' site'.
Leafing through the guest book we notice that many of our guests qualified their stay at the Quinta as back to paradise."

Please visit our website and enjoy your stay here. We hope that we welcome you in our lovely Quinta de Colmeal in the near future!

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