Quinta do Colmeal consists of the original country house and two smaller houses or cottages, if you so wish. Their names refer to the exuberantly fragrant herbs in the immediate vicinity.

Apart from the country house and the two smaller houses, there is also a small bakery at the Quinta, called Casa do Forno(oven house). In it the oven still functions properly. The houses are equipped as separate units with all mod cons. Except a central washing machine which is to be found in this oven house.

The houses are surrounded by a garden with fruit trees, lavishly flowering oleanders, palm trees and cacti. In the garden one can come across various figurative and non-figurative statues, hewn in natural stone, granite and marble.

Casa da Lavanda

Casa da Lavanda( House of Lavender) is, relatively speaking, the smallest dwelling, accommodating two people in principle. The house is spacious(71 square meters) and has a large, covered terrace measuring almost 50 square meters. It has one bedroom with a doubly canopy bed , a bathroom with a bath, a living-room with a fireplace and a fully equipped 4-burner electric cooker, oven, fridge and dishwasher. In the living-room, attached to the traditionally high ceiling, a cooling fan cools the air.

Casa do Tomilho

Casa de Tomilho( House of Thyme) is a very spacious house(91 square meters) and has a covered 20 square-meter terrace overlooking the central garden. This casa has two bedrooms on either side of the living-room, each with its own bathroom and toilet. The house can accommodate 5 people; in addition, there is room for a child’s bed. Casa Tomilho features a large living-room with a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen with a 4-burner electric cooker, oven and dishwasher. In the various rooms cooling fans have been installed. The terrace overlooks the remnants of the original Roman hermitage and the orange and fig trees. In the off-season central heating is available(optional).

Casa do Rosmaninho

CDR (House of Rosemary) is the largest house against the hill. It measures 216 sq.meters and is therefore very spacious. A large, covered terrace overlooks the valley on all sides. The house has three large bedrooms and offers a lot of privacy. Each bedroom has a bathroom of its own, with WC, bidet and bath( one of the bathrooms has a jacuzzi). CDR has both a living-room and a dining-room with a fireplace and a large, fully equipped kitchen with a 4-burner electric cooker, oven, fridge, microwave and dishwasher.
Each room has a cooling fan. In the off-season central heating is available(optional).

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